About Ezra

Ezra Kwizera’s music carries the spark of life along with the rich undertones of someone who has seen and survived hardship: war, poverty, and growing up as a Rwandan refugee in Uganda. Yet from seemingly insurmountable challenges Ezra has risen up to become one of the most notable artists and music producers in Africa and internationally.

In recent years, Ezra has travelled around the world and performed in front of thousands, in places such as Africa, UK and US. Now based in vancouver BC, Canada and has brought with him his energetic yet soulful melodies, along with his signature unique mix of genres and cultures.

Having a richly multi-ethnic performance style, Ezra fluidly sings and raps in English, Kinyarwanda, Luganda, Zulu and Swahili, while infusing flavors of Reggae, Soca, East African Bongo, and Pop. Hearing Ezra sing, you know that he is sharing with you his story, and making you want to dance to celebrate life at the same time.rsz_ezra_2016_78.jpg

Born in Uganda to refugee parents, Ezra returned to Rwanda shortly after the 1994 genocide, during which many of his Tutsi relatives had been killed. Growing up in an environment of political instability, Ezra says, “[There was a time when] I could see no hope for my life. It was like there was a wall in front of me; I didn’t think I would see myself grow to be a man.”

Overcoming times of fear, trauma and struggle, Ezra’s history contrasts brightly with the leader he is today – a creative artist and a community role model who helps vulnerable children,

On the motivation for his hard work and humanitarian endeavour, Ezra says, “My heart is not to build up my own ego but to affect change in my generation.”